Close the Gap between Intention & Action

We teach entrepreneurs how to follow through on their intentions and end the cycle of self-sabotage.

What if follow-through wasn't such a mental struggle?
What if you never sabotaged yourself?


Wouldn't it be awesome to always do what you say you'll do?

...and achieve what you say you'll achieve?


Good news 👉🏻 You can become the kind of person that always follows through.

You can become the entrepreneur that coaches herself through resistance and runs her life & business with ease and flow.


We call it intentional entrepreneurship. 

Intentional entrepreneurs take action from a place of purpose. 

They let their vision pull them every day, instead of forcing themselves to take action.

They master their mind. They don't let self-sabotage run the show.

They  have high personal integrity: they do what they say they'll do and achieve what they say they'll achieve.

They honor the promises they make and treat themselves well.

They take conscious daily decisions and continuously manage their unconscious thinking and behavior. 

That's why they can always follow through on their intentions.

They are curious and coach themselves every day by asking powerful questions. 

This expands their perspectives so they can tap into more resources; not just mentally but emotionally and physically as well.

Intentional entrepreneurs do 3 things differently from other entrepreneurs, and this is exactly what gets them huge results. These 3 elements and the method behind them is what we call Intention Theory:


Intentional entrepreneurs do less better: they choose to focus on only a few intentions and make them extremely effective so they can take calm & focused action every day.


They leverage the power of alignment: they regularly audit their mind to understand their driving forces and align them towards their goals, in order to eliminate any self-sabotage.


They think before they act: they manage their brain on a daily basis. They minimize automatic behavior by pausing and observing first so they can take deliberate action instead.



The entire theory and more in our monthly membership program, the Intention School. 



Personalized coaching to help you master your mind and accelerate your results.


What are your most common intentions?

Entrepreneur Mindset

I will become successful no matter what. I will attract dream clients. I will create amazing content and show up confidently online. I will be not be paralyzed by self-doubt. I will overcome any roadblock and keep going until I reach my goals.

Inner Peace

I will make time for myself without feeling guilty. I will feel happy and ditch anxiety. I will eat intuitively and stop stress eating. I will feel fulfilled. I will finish projects. I will stop impulsive purchases. I will be satisfied from now on, no more perfectionism.

Success Habits

I will wake up earlier. I will eat healthier. I will work out consistently. I will journal more. I will meditate. I will go to bed earlier. I will stop procrastinating. I will increase my productivity. I will make more time for self-care. I will read more books.

Become the CEO of your brain.

Hi, I'm Sophie and I'm a recovered self-saboteur. I used to set #alltheintentions and achieve none of them. My automatic thinking & behavior kept me stuck in a rut for years. That's why I made it my mission to understand what makes entrepreneurs tick. 

When I finally figured out how I could take charge of my autopilot brain and fulfill my intentions, I created Intention School so I could help other entrepreneurs do the same.


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