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Intention School is the online school that helps female entrepreneurs manage their most important resource: their mind. Big business goals and huge life dreams require the right mindset and substantial self-discipline. You can have all the strategies in the world, but without proper mind management, self-sabotage will always be lurking around the corner.




Our mission is to fully support entrepreneurs in the mental journey towards a successful business and an intentional life. We help them set effective intentions and turn them into consistent action, every single day. This will accelerate their entrepreneurial success, but also help them fulfill any life or health goal, like a healthy body or a solid meditation routine -which will in turn have a positive impact on their business.

At this school we don’t just coach entrepreneurs; we also teach them how to coach themselves. After the personal coaching trajectories or the self-study programs, our students will understand the necessary tools and techniques to manage their own mind and develop a success mindset.

Our material combines tools and techniques from Life Coaching, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and is inspired by important thought leaders such as Rich Litvin, James Clear, Tony Robbins and Byron Katie.




The vision of Intention School is to help online entrepreneurs all over the world discover intentional entrepreneurship so they can accelerate their success and experience more ease in the process.



Living in integrity is acting in accordance to your values. It's keeping your promises and commitments to both others and yourself. Integrity is always keeping your word and living in truth. Building integrity is a crucial step in our intention method and therefore also a core value in our business. 


Personal growth is an essential value in our business. We believe in learning every single day. Finding lessons in everything you do and looking to improve every single day is what generates fulfillment in our lives and allows us to fulfill both our potential and our purpose.


Curiosity is one of the most important traits in coaching and self-management. Observing your mind from a place of curiosity is the first step in your journey to rewire your brain and fulfill your intentions. Without curiosity, this company wouldn't exist. It's definitely our most important value.


At this School we value expertise enormously. We're constantly striving to bring the best knowledge to our students from various teachings and research. We believe in serving and over-delivering: we focus on quality content and high-end trainings so our students can take big leaps forward. 

About the founder

Hi, I’m Sophie. 

I'm a life & business coach with a huge mission to help you live life intentionally. I used to live on autopilot, you see. I did the right things, said the right things and achieved the right things. Great life on the outside, mess on the inside. I would set intentions to be happier, more fulfilled, find inner peace... but it wasn't happening. It took me a while to figure out that the world wasn't my enemy, but my own thoughts were. This epiphany generated lots of other epiphanies, which ultimately fueled my mission to create this School. This is the story.

Let’s go back to the time that I was a master saboteur of my own intentions.


It took me years of self-destructing behavior before I discovered the key to living an intentional, happy and fulfilling life. 

Let's start at the beginning. I was raised in a great family. I had the perfect youth, the perfect friends, the perfect career path laid out for me. Like my brothers, an engineer and a surgeon, I was headed towards a successful career and life.

I got my Bachelor’s and my Master’s in Business, and even went to advanced Business school afterwards. Sounds great, right? I was great at studying, but only the day before the deadline. I needed stress to perform.

My college years were mostly spent binge watching TV shows and cramming the night before the exam. The word balance was not in my dictionary.

After college, I went on to the start my career in a large firm. I ran a blog on the side to feed my hunger for creativity & learning. When I switched to my next job -which was harder- I quit my blog, prioritized the “smart” choice.


My job wasn’t as fulfilling as I expected, so I started another blog. Guess what happened next... the exact same pattern. 

I got insanely good at starting new jobs and new blogs again and again, only to quit them all. I couldn't seem to finish anything in my life.

I was managing my health in a similar way. 3 months of working out 6 days a week. 2 months of zero exercising. 4 months of badminton and running competitions every week. 3 months of doing nothing.  

I was constantly switching between extreme exercising or not exercising at all.

By then my friends & family started seeing me as a person of extremes. All or nothing appeared to be my motto. But that wasn’t intentional. It was my brain's way of making my life exciting.

My life consisted of short peaks of excitement alternated with boredom. Fulfillment was nowhere to be seen.

Honestly, I was an anxious mess and felt trapped in my own life. 


Behind the scenes, I had an extremely unhealthy relationship with food. I became a pro at yo-yo dieting and I developed a habit of extreme binge eating. That was the worst habit I ever had to break. It started in college and got to an extreme when I entered the corporate world. I would come home from work every day, stressed and exhausted, thinking my fridge would solve everything. And it did, for a hot second.


The worst thing is that I was really trying. I was setting intentions for a better life.


I was trying to find fulfillment. I was trying to do better, be better. The common denominator being « trying ».

I now know that you can keep trying for ages. You can implement all the tips & tricks, but unless you understand your thoughts, feelings and actions, nothing will ever change in the long run.

I was living a life full of anxiety, thinking that inner peace and true happiness were just not in the cards for me. My husband used to tell me I wasn't even capable of being happy.


That’s when I decided to pursue fulfillment in my life and become an entrepreneur. I knew the strategy. I thought it would be a breeze. I did not expect the importance of mindset in entrepreneurship. Needless to say, things didn't go exactly as planned right from the start.


When I realized things had to change my mental state, I started learning everything I could about how our brains actually work and how we can manage them to achieve both success & happiness.

I spent months devouring all kinds of books written by important authors and coaches, but also any textbook I could find on understanding the human mind.

Then I got certified in life coaching, cognitive behavior therapy, and neuro-linguistic programming.


All of this allowed me to develop incredible resilience. I went through the classic entrepreneurial hardships hard-set on understanding what was going through my mind and how my thoughts and emotions affected my actions.

I ended up learning how to coach myself through entrepreneurship. I stopped blaming the world for my problems and took responsibility of my results. I was able to turn any roadblock into a lesson and stayed persistent, unlike my quitting habits of before.


My productivity went through the roof as soon as I did the mindset work and got into alignment. I didn't have to push myself to work anymore, but I was pulled by my vision and daily intentions. I successfully swapped hustle for flow. I stopped my procrastinating habits, ditched Netflix altogether. I started feeling authentic and experienced more confidence than ever. 

I started meditating, practiced mindfulness and learned to be present. I was working with a life coach at the same time who helped me enormously in my path to inner peace. That's also when I truly realized the power of coaching. Everything changed.


I stopped binging altogether and started working out consistently.

I didn't get into any extremes anymore and developed healthy eating habits with ease. Working out was not about hitting goals and winning anymore, it was about feeling strong and healthy.

Life can change massively when you understand what’s going on inside your brain and why you do what you do. When you learn how to master your mind, there is nothing that can stop you from fulfilling your intentions.


I'll teach you how to master your own mind. It's simple & powerful. You'll love it.


Start here if you’re finally done sabotaging yourself and you're ready to live an intentional life.

I’ll be with you all the way,



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