Do You have an Action Plan for Your Business?

Are you just going through your to do’s in your business or are you taking massive action towards your goals?

You’ve probably heard the term already if you’re familiar with the entrepreneurial world, but this term is something that really, really has made a difference for my business and for my clients, too.

It is really one of the secrets to success. Let me explain why. Let’s say you want to get more clients. You’ve got mostly referral clients, and now you really want to take advantage of your online presence to get more clients, but how do you do that?


Option 1

A couple of people might have told you to engage in Facebook groups. Other people might have told you to post directly in Facebook groups. Some might have told you to build a funnel and to run Facebook Ads. Others might have told you to focus on Instagram stories or engaging with people on Instagram.

Six strategies. You could try them all little by little.

1 – Post in Facebook groups once a week
2 – Engage with a couple of people on Instagram twice a week
3 – Engage with people in Facebook groups twice a week
4 – Build a funnel (takes six weeks or two months)
5 – Run Facebook Ads every other week (make adjustments and wait another week)

This is what you need to do when you want to juggle them all because you’ve got a lot of different strategies you want to try out. That’s option 1. That is taking normal action in your business. Trying out a few things and just seeing where it goes.


Option 2

Now, the other option is choosing a strategy and really, really going for it until you’ve reached your goals. For example, focusing on Instagram, doing stories and engaging with people. I’ll look for the people who constantly have 20+ stories published. Why?

Those people are taking massive action in stories, constantly. Constantly focusing on stories, building their Instagram, following, and engaging with a lot of people. They’re really taking advantage and therefore have really good connections. They will get clients from it because people constantly see their face.

Other people do the same thing with Facebook groups and instead of juggling 20+ Facebook groups, they choose 3 to focus on. They’re constantly engaged, put up posts until they reach their goals, and they see what works and what doesn’t. Because if you’re trying to juggle them all, you don’t have the time to really focus on what’s going well or what’s not.

You don’t improve your strategy because you don’t have the time to reflect and get feedback. When you take massive action, you only focus on one strategy and go for it 100 percent.


Try this

If you want to post and engage in Facebook groups, create a spreadsheet containing all your different posts and the engagements you’ve received.

You’ll be able to see what works best and what kind of content works best. Try switching groups depending on the performance to maximize your reach and engagement. Each group will perform at different levels, so you’ll have to play around until you find your top 3.

Think about whether or not you’re taking massive action in your strategy because a lot of us are not fully making use of our strategies (unintentionally). We’re just going through our to do’s but we’re not taking real advantage of the strategies that we created.


My story

I started my coaching business by taking pro bono clients. It was a crazy-busy 3 months because I took on a range of different entrepreneurs. Those 3 months brought me clarity. Because now I know what kind of entrepreneur I want to work with.

My massive action plan lasted 3 months. I hustled and learned. I evolved and adapted. I focused all of my time and energy on one thing, versus little bits of time scattered throughout different actions.

So, what plan of action will you take?


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