How to Overcome Your Limiting Beliefs

What limiting beliefs are you currently struggling with in your business?

An important topic in your business in terms of mindset is limiting beliefs. We all have them and it’s so important that we turn them into empowering beliefs and that’s what we’re going to do today with my model.

First, what is limiting beliefs? Limiting beliefs are thoughts that you have about a certain situation that’s occurring. Maybe a current situation is making your first $10k. You may think it’s impossible. You may think it’s out of your reach. Whatever your current perspective is about reaching $10k in your business is your limiting belief (because I’m willing to bet it’s not a very positive one).

It’s a perspective because people who have already reached $10k in their business (per month), will think it’s totally and completely possible, only because they’ve achieved it already. They might think, oh, that’s pretty easy! You just have to do this, this and this, and you’ll get there.

It’s totally normal for them – It’s not limiting. It’s empowering because they’ve already passed it. But for you, you may think that it’s way too much money and totally out of your reach. Only successful people can make $10k because they have a huge following.

Your limiting belief is a perspective that you have on something, a situation, could be anything, but it’s all about your perspective. How is your perspective helping you in reaching your goals?

If you don’t believe that you are able to achieve it, you never will. So, what do you need to do about it? How can we switch that limiting belief to an empowering belief?


Where is your limiting belief coming from?

First, think about where it’s coming from. If you think that $10k is out of your reach because you’ve been hustling and bustling to make $2k (if that), you probably think that’s all you can manage.

Why would I be able to make so much more in the future? Because it comes from the past. It comes from past experiences. Maybe a past failed launch that made you think that was not possible for you, that you didn’t have enough.

It could be because of posts that you did in the past that people would judge you for it. It could be even further back in the past in your childhood of your mom or dad talking about money as if it was so freaking hard to achieve. It’s your subconscious programming!

But the thing is, you still have that perspective. Ever heard of Steve Jobs? He created Apple from scratch. Every big company started from nothing and they had to grow into something.

Every single new experience that you have comes from nothing.

You’ve never created something new? That’s okay! You’ve never launched an eCourse? No problem! It doesn’t have to be the reason for not creating the new thing, just because you’ve never done it before.


Break your limiting belief down

Next, I want you to break down your limiting belief and figure out why you shouldn’t be able to create it. For example, $10k is out of my reach because I’m not a good enough coach.

I’m not a good enough coach because:

1 – my content is not powerful enough
2 – my funnel is not good enough
3 – my live videos don’t convert enough
4 – I don’t have enough YouTube subscribers
5 – my audience is not big enough
6 – I have never made that much money before

It’s just ridiculous thinking about it because it’s just a crazy income and no one around me earns that much money. It’s just crazy to think that I could, so why would I do it?

Why am I good enough to create that? All of those different things are different reasons why you couldn’t (and not can’t).

Why? Because we're changing it into reasons why you could.

Here’s my first limiting belief: I couldn’t make $10k because my posts weren’t good enough to create high paying clients. Well, I do have a few posts that are converting people into clients, even though they might be less paying clients. So why wouldn’t I be able to create high paying clients from those posts? First proof.

Second limiting belief: I’m not a good enough coach to earn $10k in my business. Well, I do have a lot of testimonials about people telling me I’m an amazing coach. So why would I think I’m not a good enough coach? It’s just my brain messing with me because if my clients believe that I’m an amazing coach, why wouldn’t I believe it?

Third limiting belief: My funnel isn’t good enough to create a lot of money. Well, my funnel does convert. So why wouldn’t it be able to create $10k if I just added more subscribers? I can add more subscribers by adding more content upgrades through social media.

Now, think about all of your limiting beliefs. You started off with a lot of different reasons why you couldn’t, now you just need to replace them with why you can. Start with small reasons why they’re not limiting beliefs but actually empowering beliefs. You need to celebrate the small wins and victories in order to build your confidence to achieve more.

If you start with the small wins, you’ll do more to create more small wins. You’ll get bigger results, your victories become bigger, and then suddenly you’re at that point where you actually believe it because you’re creating big results! Before you know it, you’re making $5k. Well, that wasn’t so bad now, was it? Then a little bit later, $10k. Wow, that was easier than I thought!

Tell yourself, “I’ve been able to get here because I’ve supported myself with empowering beliefs instead of limiting beliefs. I can do this!”


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