How to show up as an expert online

How do you show up online as the expert when you don’t really feel like an expert? You want people to turn to you for answers, you want to be the go-to person, and you want people to take you seriously.

We all know that you need to take on the role of the expert if you want to grow your business online. You want to build your authority and credibility in order to actually have people pay you. You want to show them that you have something to teach, something to show for whether that’s with your skills and/or knowledge. You want to be the expert, but how do you do that?

There are three ways that you can be an expert online.

  1. Role model
  2. Results expert
  3. Research expert


1. Role model

Become an expert in your niche by becoming a role model. You’re the one that has gotten through the entire journey and are where you are today. You did that!

This can be any kind of journey. You went through some hardships, some struggles, a few hoops that you had to jump through, but you found a solution. You worked through it and now you came out on top! By telling your audience this, even showing them your journey (if you can), you now exhibit the role of a role model.

What if you’re a business coach, but in the beginning, you weren’t successful? You didn’t have money starting out, but you eventually built your entire business from the ground up. You now run a successful business with an amazing income, and you *finally* found your purpose. You achieved each and every one of your goals, and now look at you!  You’re a role model because you’ve achieved what your audience wants to achieve. You’ve been through the entire transformation and became the person that they want to be.


2. Results expert

Getting results can be easier said than done, but I am sure you have something that you can share with your audience.

Let’s say you’re a basketball coach. The basketball coach is not a role model because he’s not a successful basketball player. He is someone who helps basketball players become successful. It’s someone who gets results for those basketball players by coaching them, saying the right things and making them do the right exercises. By coaching them without being the role model themselves, he can still be a super successful coach even though he hasn’t been through the journey because it’s all about getting results for his players. The same goes for business coaching. You helped your clients achieve great success – that is your result.

Don’t be super disappointed that you can’t be an expert online because you are not a role model. That is just a different chapter in your life that you didn’t get to yet. You can be a different kind of expert on getting results for your clients, or for other people (your audience).


3. Research expert

You don’t think you’re a role model, and you’ve never helped people get results yet. So, what’s a girl to do?! DO. YOUR. RESEARCH!

You are the one that researches everything about a certain topic. You want all of the information before making an informed decision – new appliance, eCourse, even your moisturizer. This is the perfect way to become an expert in your niche.

You can even share all of the information you’ve found during your research while on your journey! Let your audience know what worked, and what didn’t. I’m sure you’ve come across a few ‘what I wish I knew before starting XYZ’ titled blog posts because it speaks to a major pain point that their audience has. By reading that post, they’ll save a ton of time and effort because the author shared their research along with their experience.

Share your journey!

By sharing your journey with your audience, they will know that you’re actually trying it out for yourself and not just pushing a product you know nothing about. It will be so authentic because you actually share what you’re going through right now and not trying to be the one who knows everything about a certain topic.

You’re just a person who is struggling with the same thing as your audience and is achieving small bits and pieces along the way. They will want to hear all about your insights, your tips, and your achievements! Wouldn’t it be great to have someone going through the same journey as you?

Even if you haven’t been through the entire transformation yourself, you can still become the research expert. Become the person who looks up everything about that topic and knows everything there is to know. Be the person who’s going through the journey themselves and sharing all their amazing tips.

Don’t be scared to fail and don’t stop trying because you might not know everything about your topic. It’s okay! There are different ways of being the expert, you just have to find which one works best for you and your current situation.

You can always be the expert. So, what kind of expert are you going to be?


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