How to Simplify Your Business Schedule

Today we’re covering your schedule, the source of stress for many business owners. Your schedule helps you to keep up with your life, your business to-dos, your appointments. But, how do you best manage your schedule without getting overwhelmed and still finishing all your planned to-dos?

That’s what we’re talking about today.


What works for you

Our first step is to identify what currently works for you. I’ll help you on your way. There are 3 main types of people with their own preferred way of working. Let’s call them type A, B, and C.


Personality type A

Type A working would be: I need to get this exact task done at this exact time and it needs to look like this.

Type A works best with calendar blocking, super specific tasks that require less creativity. They’re amazing at slaying tasks and getting a lot of stuff done.

If you’re type A, you’ll want to put every single task in your calendar to make sure you can hit them all in the most efficient way. Pay attention to not to stuff your calendar and give yourself some breathing room to allow for inspiration.


Personality type B

Type B people only work when inspired: what isn’t done, isn’t. so be it.

A Type B person can work really well for creatives, but, all the tasks that really do have a deadline need to be worked on way in advance or delegated.

If you have a business that can manage the day-to-day activities without you and where you only need to work on new content or projects without a deadline, then this is awesome and you’ll probably create the most amazing new material.

You’ll work best with an empty calendar (except meetings and personal appointment or to-dos) so you can let the inspiration flow.


Personality type C

I like to call type C the inspiration manager who schedules to work on certain categories at a time, but allows for a bit of wiggle room to choose which task within the category.

Type C is a mix, I think. A lot of people work like this. If you’re type C, you’ll use very general category calendar blocking that still allows for some flow. You can call it ‘scheduled flow’.

I’m type C, and my personal preference is Google calendar with category blocks, appointments, and asana for project management (tasks per category) which I share with my team.


Bonus tips to simplify your schedule

When you schedule your week, make sure to schedule personal to-dos first. If you choose work first, you’ll always be inclined to add more tasks because you see empty space. But, the more you prioritize work over self-care for a longer period of time, the less valuable your work will be.

A quick trick to flip this is to start scheduling your personal time first.

If you chose to schedule either categories or specific tasks, don’t forget to plan extra time aside from routine tasks. You don’t want to get sucked into the day-to-day activities only without any focus on new projects for growth. You also can’t expect to have time for it during your week if you don’t schedule this in.

Ideally, you’ll add a little bit of time every week (a few hours) to work on projects for growth. This could be a new program or a new marketing strategy you’re trying out. And whenever you get a new idea in your business during the routine tasks, you can park it to review in your few hours of growth activities.

That parking lot is my personal secret for consistency. It allows me to repress my urges to start on new projects all the time and stick to what I planned, while also getting excited for those few hours every week I do get to explore them. 

So, are you ready to get out of your own way and truly invest in your business 100%?



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