Reduce Your Overwhelm

Have you ever felt overwhelmed? Maybe you have a million things to do, but don’t know where to start?

Overwhelm is something that you may have experienced already, whether it’s daily, weekly, monthly, or something else. It’s a big thing in the entrepreneurial world because we have to do all the things to grow our business, which in turn creates overwhelm.

You’re getting ready to start your day and realize you have this huge to-do list that scares the ever-living crap out of you. Why? Because you don’t know where to start. You feel overwhelmed, which creates stress because you don’t know what to do or how to go about doing it.

Should you tackle the big tasks first? Maybe knock out the small ones because they take less time? Whoa. I’m getting a headache just thinking about it! You start to get nervous, anxious even. You are officially stressed to the max. So, what makes the most sense in this situation You procrastinate. Overwhelm creates inaction. You feel stuck. And you don’t move forward in your business.


Overwhelm is creeping in

So, what do we do when we feel the sense of overwhelm taking over? There is one little trick that I like to do. Are you ready to hear it? BraindumpsYou’ve probably already heard about braindumps, right? Please say yes… please say yes! Oh, you haven’t? No worries, I’ll explain.


List it out

So, you feel overwhelmed. You have a ton of thoughts in your head about what you want to accomplish for the day. Instead of trying to avoid these thoughts and get to work, try to acknowledge those thoughts. Realize that you have to push through to get to that place of peace, of clarity.

Take a piece of paper and start writing down all of your thoughts, including your to-do’s. Anything you want to accomplish, write it down. Even the smallest things need a place on this piece of paper. You want to totally empty your brain. A brain dump means emptying your brain entirely, even all the teeny tiny thoughts.

You will end up having a piece of paper with a ton of “gibberish” on it, which was actually in your brain. Like, that whole huge list of things was in your brain! Crazy, right? No wonder you felt overwhelmed! You had way too many thoughts going on up there!


Go through your list

Now that all of your thoughts are on paper, go through them. For example, if one of your brain dumps was to make an appointment for the dentist, but it’s Sunday, put it on the calendar for Monday. If it’s putting on pants instead of pajamas, do that right away (no procrastinating here)! Try to empty your list of everything that’s not necessary. Anything you can put on a calendar or get through right away, do it.

If it’s not necessary, leave it. If it’s not important or urgent, (as Elsa would say…) let it go. It’s just some teeny tiny thought that you have, cluttering your mind. That is precious space up there – leave it vacant only for the most important thoughts and tasks. Go through your list and start crossing off all of those teeny tiny things that you can put in your calendar or accomplish right away.

Try to end up with a list of only three to five things.

I totally understand that you might not be able to shorten your list right away. It might be more like 10 things, and that’s okay. You will want to end up with three to five things that you can actually manage and get done today.

After today, you’ll feel super productive. You won’t feel overwhelmed because you have only three to five tasks to complete in one day. That sounds pretty manageable to me!


Complete your tasks

So, how do you go about completing these tasks? You simply prioritize. Put them in order that makes the most sense to you. This will depend on how big your action steps are, so choose wisely.

Ask yourself, what can you manage today? If you know one of those tasks is quite extensive, don’t pair it with another time-consuming task. Be realistic, and also be smart about it. I have no doubt that after today, you’ll be super productive, less overwhelmed, and ready to get your day started!


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