Simplify Your Business Goals

Goals. Goal setting. You hear it so often that it becomes obvious to set goals, and you do, but are they serving you? Do you actually achieve your goals?

Very often I see people setting a bunch of goals, and not achieving any. On the other hand, I also see people getting so confused about what goals to focus on that they shy away from setting clear goals and go for something vague they don’t take seriously. Same consequence: they don’t achieve them.

What is it about goals that makes it so hard to set them & achieve them? I see too many goals and thus too much clutter, or there’s no clear action plan tied to the goal you’re pursuing.

Today we’ll focus on uncovering the one big goal you should be pursuing for now.

The action plan, aka the system you’ll need to follow that to make progress towards your goal, will be discussed in the next couple of days.


Your future

You can’t declutter your goals if you have no idea what your vision for the future is.

Here’s the thing: if you don’t have any idea of your long-term plan, how can you be sure you’re going in the right direction? You’ll start something now and in a year you might turn your entire business around. We’re trying to avoid that. That’s why we’re taking a look at your vision for the next 10 years.

There’s probably a lot of things in your business you would like to pursue. Maybe you want to start coaching, run a membership site, write a book… If you only look at this year without creating a vision for the next decade, you might have the urge of starting too many things this year. Because all the options seem so attractive.

Instead, you take a look at the next 10 years, you allow yourself to dream and maybe write your book in 5 years. And run your membership in 2 years. And this year, you focus on coaching.

You now have a plan for your dreams without having to pursue them immediately.

This allows you to focus on fewer goals per year, and increase the probability of you achieving them. It reduces the urge to create huge results now and will stop you from trying #allthethings and jumping from one project to another. It will make you 10x more efficient and your current goal will be reached much faster.

And it gets you excited about the future, too. You might be thinking, sure, I can focus only on one offer, but do I need to do the vision exercise?

The problem with dreams is that we love thinking about them. We love dreaming about everything we could do, but if we don’t write them down and “park them”, they keep taking up space in our brains, which will cause those urges of wanting everything now to keep returning.

Not doing this exercise will leave you with a number of unfinished projects, frustration and nowhere near fulfillment. There’s another secret to this exercise.


The future you

You’ll begin to visualize the future you. The one that has achieved the goals you’re going for now. The one that looks past your current clutter and insecurities and will help you simplify to focus only on what matters.

This future you will help you define the action plan you will need to get you to achieve your goals. It’s a pretty magical exercise. Ready?


The vision exercise

  • Where do you want to be in 10 years? What do you want your legacy to be?
  • Do you see yourself there? Describe yourself. What kind of identity? How does that person act?
  • Now, how did she get there? Which steps did she have to take to get there? What kind of mistakes did she make along the way? What kind of strategies did she implement or actions did she take that made the biggest difference? Is there a certain type of products and services she offers? What did she stand for? How did she get clients?


Now reverse engineer those 10 years. Y1 Y2 Y3 Y4 Y5 Y6 Y7 Y8 Y9

  • How did she do it? Which years did she spend doing what? Allow yourself to dream and think long-term instead of wanting all the things right now this year. If you end up with a lot of things per year, ask yourself: did she need to do all of that to get there? Could she have done it through less, but better action?

It’s important here that it’s YOUR vision, not anyone else’s. That’s why we’re looking at long term, not just short-term what your peers next to you are doing. Because high probability they have another long-term path. For example, I like to look up to Brooke Castillo rather than my current competitors that I see on Instagram stories for example.

  • Does this vision align with your values? The different steps, do they align with your values? Does it feel like you? If so, you have your vision and your long-term action plan down.


Now, take a look at year 1

Try keeping it to 1 goal max, as you have 9 more years to go. An example of a good goal is offering 1:1 coaching services and making 10K months. Single goal AND deliverable.

I don’t believe in setting a deadline for it since we’ll be focusing on the systems you’ll need to get there in one of the next days. This goal is merely a direction and a way for you to simplify; the systems is what you’ll hold yourself accountable to.

Once you accomplish this goal, you can focus on the next. You’ll probably be excited to start on your next project already, but you can’t until you finish this one. This is your deadline.

So, are you ready to get out of your own way and truly invest in your business 100%?



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