Simplify Your Business Strategies

This is the day where we find out which strategies you actually need to pursue to grow your business. There are a lot of options and I’m guessing you’re constantly trying out a bunch of them at the same time just in case they might lead to any results.

You might be posting on a lot of different social platforms. You might have a few half-finished funnels. Maybe even tried FB ads but haven’t stuck with it because it requires too much learning.

What about buying a course you’ve never finished? Maybe you’re going to events to get your name out there. Maybe you’re pitching yourself to get featured on podcasts. Or maybe it’s the opposite. You’re not trying out a lot of strategies right now, but you have tons of ideas and trouble deciding which ones to pick.


Having a good strategy

Let me tell you this: going 30% on each strategy will not help you.

For example, posting on Instagram every other day, not engaging with anyone, not doing any stories won’t do much for you. Blogging without giving the next step to your readers (like a good opt-in) won’t help you out much either. They won’t subscribe, and you won’t be able to keep nurturing them.

On the other hand, making opt-ins without email sequences won’t help you either because you’re not consistently nurturing your audience.

Going the full 100% on a strategy is a whole different thing. I like to give my Facebook example here because it’s taken me some time to figure out what my 100% means in this case.

I post valuable content in Facebook groups, then friend request people who engage with my post. That way I can keep connecting with them through posts on my personal profile. My Facebook page doesn’t get a lot of viewers so I reduced that strategy to a minimum so I can take full advantage of the groups and profile strategy.

This also shows that you can’t go 100% on every possible strategy because there’s simply no time. Pareto’s principle states that 80% of the results come from 20% of your efforts.

That’s the case in marketing strategies, too. If you look at your past, there must have been a few strategies that yielded a lot of results and others that didn’t. Today it’s time to figure out what those are and reduce our focus to only those.


That's what it means to simplify your strategies

  • Which platforms got you the most engagement? On which platforms did you get the most questions that lead to a discovery call? Which posts stood out for your audience? Which op-tins performed the best? What about any best pieces of training? Which pitch emails got you featured? What types of videos worked best for you, live, Youtube or maybe no videos but blog posts?

I can go on for ages because there are so many options, and it’s unique to your business. The goal here is to reverse engineer all of your results and find out what your actions were to create them.

All the actions that didn’t create any results so far can be set aside. Those are usually strategies you started implementing because “it looked good” or “he or she was also doing it”…


No idea where to start?

Unless you haven’t been in business for a while yet and you’re still in the testing phase (first 6 months to a year) of all strategies. Then I advise you to only test a small few at a time and test them thoroughly (100%).

  • If you have no idea which strategies to test, try taking 1-2 people you admire and whose business you love. Check out their platforms and content and try to figure out which strategies have worked best for them. They might be sharing about it or you can find out for yourself by looking at their platforms. Start testing those, and once you can decide it works or not (90 days on a strategy) you decide to keep pursuing it or switch to another strategy.
  • Once you identified your 3-5 core strategies, how can you make sure you go all the way and take full advantage of them? Is there anything you could be doing in those strategies that you haven’t been doing yet?
  • Are you being consistent with those strategies? Is it necessary to create a routine around this strategy for you or your team to make sure you pursue this strategy consistently?

So, are you ready to get out of your own way and truly invest in your business 100%?



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