Simplify Your Business To-Dos

Today, we declutter your to-do list! This is the process where you’ll realize you can actually have a lot more time for yourself, your family and friends. We’re often cluttering our to-do list of things we feel the urge to do, that isn’t really necessary.

Or we might be working very inefficiently on certain tasks because we simply hate them and we lose way too much time because of it. Or, our business might not be streamlined at all and have no systems in place, so every day feels like a huge challenge to get through because there’s so little organization.

Today you find out how to change that.


The double E method

I like to call this the Double E Method. This method walks you through transforming your to-do list so your performing tasks in the most effective and efficient way possible.

Effective means that your tasks produce good results. Efficient means doing it in the shortest timeframe possible. That will allow you to reduce your working time to a minimum and increase your personal time.



First, let’s focus on the EFFECTIVE part of this method. If your tasks are effective that means that they contribute to achieving the results you are aiming for.

Remember that we went through simplifying your goals, strategies, and routines so you’re only left with the necessary strategies to achieve your single goal?

Now is the time where you get to go through your to-do list and remove everything that’s part of a strategy that you decided to leave behind. Or part of a goal you’re not pursuing right now. Or part of a project that doesn’t align with your vision at all.

This is a FUN process, enjoy it.

There’s another part of effective tasks that we can’t forget. It’s necessary to create good results. One person can’t be good at everything. You might be a designer who hates admin. You might be a financial consultant who hates creating graphics. Or, you might be a coach who hates tech. If you don’t like doing it, you won’t produce good results.

Everyone has their own zone of genius, and that’s what you should be focusing on.

That will be your money-generating activity. For a graphic designer, it’s designing and prospecting (’cause that’s just necessary). For a coach, it’s coaching and connecting (also necessary).

You’ll bring in more money if you focus on your strengths only, so you can outsource the tasks you’re not skilled at. It might take a little investment up front, but after a while, you’ll bring in even more money than you invested, so it will quickly be worth it.

And you get to do what you enjoy.



Now let’s take a look at the second E: EFFICIENT. This one looks at systemizing processes that are currently disorganized and take way too much time to complete.

This could be your client management systems, content creation systems, prospecting systems… Every process that you repeat frequently in your business should be systemized.

They need to be turned into a process, a workflow that can be performed over and over again without forgetting actions and performing them faster. Because there’s no need to think about what’s next.

An example could be client onboarding. They might fill out an application, have a discovery session, send out a proposal, sign the proposal, receive a contract, sign it, and send it back. Then they fill out a questionnaire to get started.

All of this is equal for every client and can be put in a workflow and automated through programs like Dubsado for example. You can systemize almost anything in your business, so take a deep look at all your repetitive tasks and see where you can turn them into a process that’s equal every time. The next step is finding tools to automate those processes.



That takes me to the second step inside efficiency: automation. There are many tools available these days to automate tasks. It’s as easy as taking your pick.

Another example is a scheduling tool for clients to book calls. I use a tool called Acuity Scheduling so that clients could automatically book calls through that link and there was no back and forth to choose a time slot.

This tool is integrated with my tool to do online calls called Zoom, so they automatically receive a link to join our call. The session also appears inside my Google Calendar automatically.

This automated process allows me to spend less time on admin and more time on what I love and what I’m good at. If you can’t find a tool to automate, you might have to outsource it so you can still automate your workflows.

In the workbook, you’ll find the exercise to go through the two E’s the steps inside. For the EFFECTIVENESS part, you’ll be looking at eliminating tasks and outsourcing tasks outside of your genius. In the EFFICIENCY part, you’ll be looking at systemizing your processes and automating them.

These will free up a lot of space in your schedule because your to-do list is so much shorter.

So, are you ready to get out of your own way and truly invest in your business 100%?



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