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As you know, it’s often hard to figure out what your value is, your secret sauce as they often call it. A big reason why is because you feel too insecure to call yourself an expert in your field because there are so many competitors out there who also call themselves an expert, and you’re secretly afraid that they’re “more expert” than you are, that you’re not good enough and that they’ll somehow call you out on it.

You also know that this is just a way for you to sabotage yourself. I know, I get it.

But that doesn’t mean you’re getting away with it. That’s where the exercise from yesterday comes in handy. Since we described the ‘future you’ that already have achieved the goal you’re working towards, she must be amazing at what she does.


Let's take a deeper look at her value

  • How would she describe herself as the expert? Why is she awesome? Why is she the perfect person to be offering that? Do you know why she created this offer, why is it important for her to serve her clients in this way? Whom would she be serving? Why would she be different from others?

Now we know the offer, we know the value, and we know the ideal client. To make sure you’ve gone through the questions thoroughly, here’s a template of a value proposition for you to fill out. This summarizes your secret sauce.

I HELP ________ DO ________ SO THEY CAN ________

Once you’re clear on your value proposition, let’s take a deeper look at your offer. Because you’ll need to know more about your services to show your audience what you can really do for them.

  • What is the transformation they will go through when they work with you? Can you identify 3 steps in that transformation? 3 pillars? 3 is an ideal number for your audience to understand what you do, grasp the value and not get confused. The number 2 feels too little, 4 is too much to remember.
  • Once you figure out your 3 pillars and find your framework/process (however you like to call it), ask yourself: why is this framework unique?

Keep working on the framework and asking yourself this question until you get the moment of “OMG! no one else focuses on this topic in this way, I am actually unique.

That’s when you know it’s strong.


Unique to you

I’m not a proponent of reinventing the wheel entirely, like having a completely out-of-the-blue value proposition, but your framework does need to be unique to you. Your audience is pleasantly surprised and feels like you have the perfect combination to help them that no one else offers.

In marketing terms, we call this a ‘blue ocean’. There are many competitors that offer the exact same thing, and some industries are more saturated than others. Those industries full of similar competitors are ‘red oceans’. A blue ocean is a combination of elements that create a new industry like Cirque du Soleil did when they combined circus and gymnastics.

I like to apply this concept to your framework. I encourage you to think a little out of the box and don’t go for the classic pillars that everyone uses these days. That’s why it’s essential that you draw from your own experiences, not from what other people are sharing on the internet.

Simplifying is about ditching all other influences and keeping what comes from your intuition. It’s about focusing on your zone of genius and eliminating all distractions.

So, are you ready to get out of your own way and truly invest in your business 100%?



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