Intention Coaching

The coaching methodology that will allow you to finally follow through on your intentions and achieve your goals.
Hi there, fellow entrepreneur.
I bet you're going through a lot right now...
You're finding it really hard to take consistent action every day.
You're self-sabotaging but you don't know exactly how and why.
You're experiencing inner conflicts and you don't have clarity.
You're putting so much pressure on yourself every day.
You're constantly going through a rollercoaster of emotions.
Sometimes you feel like you're not even in control of what's happening...
You're not enjoying the journey and you're not getting the results you want either.
Entrepreneurship is not as fun & easy as people portray on Instagram...
You know what? It doesn't have to be this way. I'm not saying it will be rainbows & butterflies, entrepreneurship is still a journey made for persistent strong people (otherwise everyone would do it!).
You can learn to love the journey and feel strong, resourceful and make things happen, whatever your circumstance.
Can you imagine what that would be like?
I'll tell you.
  • No more unconscious self-sabotage
  • No more scatterbrain and overwhelm
  • No more forcing yourself constantly to take action
  • No more impulsive (re)actions that you regret
  • No more procrastination and rationalization
Instead, how about some flow and alignment?
Yes, you make it all happen without the hustle and the pressure.
  • Going live on social media consistently: no problem.
  • Smashing to-dos with ease: hell yes.
  • Showing up with confidence even when you don't feel ready: done.
  • Calm and clear mind all the time: hell yes.
  • Launching with ease instead of the emotional rollercoaster: done.
  • Prioritizing self-care without guilt: yes please.
  • Achieving your income goals without stressing out: hell yes.
Now, you're probably wondering how on earth you could get there. And contrary to what you may be thinking...
You don’t need giant amounts of willpower.
You don’t need 3 accountability partners.
You don’t need 5 different planners.
Here's what you do need to do instead. You need to get to the source: your brain. You need to find out what's going on in there and dig deep. Once you understand where the sabotage is coming from, you can change things at the source.
This will allow you to work with your brain instead of against it. The forced action and constant pressure may work on the short term (although it probably isn't even working right now) but it sure as hell won't in the long run.

If you want to make the journey feel joyful and effortless run and get even more results, you need to get to know your inner environment and learn how to master it.

You know what will happen when you do? You will completely shift and become a whole other kind of entrepreneur.
The kind without constant overwhelm and inner conflict. The kind that goes through entrepreneurship with clarity, flow and ease. What we like to call "an intentional entrepreneur".
Intentional entrepreneurs have a clear focus and set only a few extremely effective intentions. They understand what drives them and get into alignment before taking action.
They also constantly observe their mind and manage it every day so they can shift any sabotage that comes up.
In this coaching program we help you do exactly that. It's our job to ask you the powerful questions that will allow you to dig deep inside your brain. This is the transformational power of coaching that you simply can't experience on your own.
We ask you the hard questions you're either afraid to ask yourself, or you don't have the time to do the mindset work on your own. Our coaching sessions will allow you to uncover deep-routed perspectives and emotions that are holding you back over and over again.



I started my online journey as a blogger years ago and learned everything about growing an audience online. After my blogging days I became a marketing consultant and learned how to build an online business.

I then realized that I had a huge love for coaching, so I got ICF-certified and got coaching clients.

This journey sounds pretty simple, doesn’t it? Well it wasn’t. It was full of overcomplicating, self-doubt, overwhelm, overplanning, procrastination, perfectionism, and anything mindset-related you can think of that would hold you back. 

All entrepreneurs struggle with this and need support to get through the rollercoaster in the best possible way.

That’s why I have made it my purpose to help entrepreneurs understand their mind and take action with ease in order to get to their results a whole lot faster.

This is what we'll do together

Wondering what our coaching sessions will be like? We use specific techniques to help our clients change their perceptions and beliefs to get into alignment and take consistent action. Find out more about our methodology below. During our 3 months together we will go through 3 different levels. We will tackle the necessary steps at the right time depending on where you are right now.

Level 1: choose your focus

Set effective intentions

Define your values & purpose, find out what really matters and prioritize your intentions.

Craft your action plan

Design your action plan. Go for clear and simplified actions and allow for flexibility along the way.

Commit to specific results

Identify the specific results you want to achieve and create well-formulated goals.

Level 2: align your inner environment

Identify your beliefs

Find out which beliefs and rules are defining the way you think about the world, about your business, about other people and yourself.

Crack your patterns

Unlock your mental, emotional and behavioral patterns that are holding you back from becoming more successful.

Shift your identity

The version of you that gets the results is different from who you are today. Start shifting your identity now to speed up the process.

Level 3: manage your daily state

Choose your thoughts

You're not ruled by your mental chatter. You get to choose what's going on in your mind.

Manage your emotions

Choose thoughts that generate resourceful emotions, tailored to the action you want to take.

Master your daily actions

Monitor your actions and your progress related to your goals, and tweak where necessary.

Results you can expect

  • Having way more fun in your business, while getting way more results.
  • No more beating yourself up, crazy hustle and constant pressure. Flow, ease, alignment will be your new favorite words.
  • You will get to know yourself on a much deeper level. Self-awareness is key in this coaching program, and it is the first step in mastering self-sabotage.
  • Perfectionism, fear of failure, procrastination, fear of judgment, etc. will have no hold over you anymore. You will be in control.
  • When your business runs better, your life and health improve. You'll take time for self-care without guilt, it will be easier to work out, your health will skyrocket. And guess what, your confidence will too.

What we expect from our clients

  • Be prepared to reflect and make changes to your daily choices and activities, to your perceptions, and to your underlying beliefs. Be ready for change.
  • Step into high integrity: decide to always honor your promises to yourself.
  • Be curious, get excited to observe your mind on a daily basis and to answer powerful questions that prompt your imagination.





  • 9x 1-hour calls (3 per month)
  • Goals and struggles are revised every session
  • Unlimited personalized support for 3 months
  • Access to complimentary workbooks & checklists




  • 9x 1-hour calls (3 per month)
  • Goals and struggles are revised every session
  • Unlimited personalized support for 3 months
  • Access to complimentary workbooks & checklists

"When we began working together I had a really great idea of where I wanted my business to be, but getting there is always a much more difficult process. I had a lot of ups and downs, a lot of weeks where I wasn't feeling like I wasn't getting anywhere, and Sophie really anchored me. Sophie guided me in a direction of making small achievements every day. I was able to launch and get 2 clients right off the bat. It was amazing. That is something that I would have never dreamed possible. "


"I cannot even begin to believe the tremendous amount of support and the difference that Sophie made in my business. I credit her with me being able to take my business to the next level. She provided support with insights, with different strategies, tough love and everything that I never knew I needed. She was so welcoming and intelligent and full of really wonderful and actionable ideas that helped me develop my own strategies and to include hers in how I was working with my business. I just cannot say enough good things about her."



You're an entrepreneur wanting to grow their business but is experiencing self-sabotage in any way.

You feel stuck in your business because you lack clarity, confidence or consistence.

You are committed to growth and you're ready to invest and take major action.


You're just starting out and you only need business strategies right now. 

You're not ready to invest in your business.

You need a cookie-cutter solution. This is not a step-by-step program any entrepreneur can follow. This is personalized to you and designed so we define your action steps together.

Getting excited? That means it's time.

Get ready for some serious leaps.

Not sure yet? Watch what our clients are saying.





  • 9x 1-hour calls (3 per month)
  • Goals and struggles are revised every session
  • Unlimited personalized support for 3 months
  • Access to complimentary workbooks & checklists




  • 9x 1-hour calls (3 per month)
  • Goals and struggles are revised every session
  • Unlimited personalized support for 3 months
  • Access to complimentary workbooks & checklists

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