Grow with Intention is a 3-month private coaching program that is designed to help you rapidly grow your online business by transforming your mindset and your marketing so you can attract high-paying clients and get fully booked with ease.



Your business grows when you grow.

When you stop questioning your own decisions.

When you stop waiting until you feel ready.

When you stop looking at everyone else instead of you.

When you stop coming up with reasons why you can't.

When you stop wondering if you're even good enough to be doing this.


When you stop resisting and start growing.

How much energy do you waste every day wondering whether or not to show up and what to say?

How much energy do you waste stalking other entrepreneurs finding out what you should do next?

How much energy do you waste trying to do things the "right" way so you don't mess up?

It's exhausting. And frustrating.

Does this sound familiar?


  • You've landed a few clients here or there through referrals or conversations, but you have no clue how to attract clients on repeat. Your content is getting crickets, you're trying strategy after strategy and nothing seems to work.
  • You feel completely overwhelmed and stuck, online marketing feels like a giant puzzle you can't seem to solve, and now you're not even excited about building your business anymore... these days you spend more time procrastinating and scrolling Facebook groups than actually moving forward in your business.

  • You're tired of hearing all the success stories wondering when it's ever going to be you. All these coaches celebrating their income while you can't even get calls booked. You seriously can't read another success story post without feeling triggered. cue anxiety

  • You struggle feeling real or authentic [let alone vulnerable] in your marketing and you're always wondering what "they" are going to think. You're questioning what to post every day, you don't feel inspired and more often than not you end up not even posting at all.

  • You're tired of the non-stop worrying where your next client is going to come from, because you don't know what you should be posting and which strategy will actually work for you. You've taken the courses, hired the coaches, but you're still spinning your wheels. What are you missing? What's the secret strategy?

  • You're constantly going back and forth on your offers, your pricing, your sales process, basically everything. You just wish someone would tell you if it's going to work and what to do next.

  • You wonder how you're ever going to attract high-end clients with ease and feel confident selling premium packages. The only people you are attracting right now are bargain-hunters that want free coaching. Those dreamy high-end clients without objections seem like so far away...

  • Your work-life balance is nowhere to be seen. You would love to take a walk during the day, take a bath in the afternoon - but the guilt is real. You keep telling yourself you'lll make time for YOU when you hit that next income goal. But you've been telling yourself that for months, and you're craving self-care.


Even though it might not seem like it right now,

The thriving freedom-based business you crave is 100% possible. I've done it and my clients have too. Here are a few of their stories...


Chloe kept dreaming about a business, setting the goals, setting the intentions, but never felt "ready". she had big dreams but couldn't get herself to take action, show up confidently online and launch her business.

When we worked together, she quickly put herself out there, started her business and got 2 clients right off the bat.

Alicia was stuck in a frustration spiral because of a few clients that pushed her boundaries and she had no time for herself. She felt scared to raise her rates and change her programs from done-for-you to mentoring plus wasn't even sure how to attract those kinds new clients...

When we worked together, she took the leap and and went from 3K to 15K months in 3 months.

Paige was new to the online world but already had a profitable physical business. She really wanted a freedom-based life and travel the world full-time so she decided to take her business online. She didn't know how to market her services on social media and attract clients so she kept procrastinating on figuring it out.

Within 3 months of working together, Paige was able to take her business 100% online, achieve her 10K savings goal and hit the road to travel full-time.

Guess what: it's possible for you too.

You can ditch the overwhelm and self-doubt.

You can stop undervaluing yourself and get paid big time.

You can sell your offer and have FUN.

You can get booked out and build a client waiting list.

You can hit $5K months or even $10K months.

You can ditch that part-time job.

You can live a secure life without a day job.

You can finally achieve financial freedom doing what you love.

This is what we'll do together:



  • Develop an unshakeable belief in yourself, your purpose and the vision for your business
  • Embody the CEO role in your business with the powerful focus, the boundaries and amazing persistence
  • Get to know your ideal clients on a deeper level and decide on a profitable & specific niche
  • Develop your crystal clear offering with the right aligned pricing that gets you excited to sell



  • Get clear on your natural genius that allows you to transform lives without needing extra knowledge and expertise
  • Remove the limiting beliefs standing in your way of feeling 100% confident and authentic in your business so you can create powerful and vulnerable content that attracts clients like a magnet
  • Develop your personal content creation process that's both strategic and inspired so you create magnetic content consistently and with ease
  • Create a content strategy and calendar that attracts followers AND gets you clients



  • Boost your visibility and generate leads all day every day even when you have a small following
  • Have ideal clients DM YOU to ask how they can work with you
  • Develop a process to pre-qualify your leads so you don't attract the right clients that are ready to pay your premium prices and committed to your program
  • Become a master at signing clients on calls without feeling like a sleaze and actually having fun!



Meet Your Coach

Hi, I'm Sophie! I am on a mission to help service-based entrepreneurs master their mindset & marketing so they can finally get booked out doing what they LOVE.

Before I figured out how to do this myself, I remember constantly feeling frustrated with my income, never consistently showing up, confidence was nowhere to be found and attracting clients was hard AF. I felt like I tried everything and was completely stuck in the waiting game. Crickets were my new best friends.

My problem? My mindset was in the way of my marketing and selling wasn't in my dictionary. After becoming a certified coach, obsessing over everything mindset-related and most of all, a decision that I was enough and I deserved to get PAID - I completely changed my business and my marketing, got 100% confident and started selling my programs every single day. Clients started coming to me and my DM inbox hasn't been empty ever since. Booking clients consistently is now EASY & FUN. Not only because my marketing, mindset and sales are on point, but because I know I transform lives.

A little note from me to you ♡


The steps may sound easy, but the growth is uncomfortable AF (that's why you haven't reached the success you want yet). You're not just growing your business, you're growing yourself. New beliefs, new actions, a LOT of stepping out of your comfort zone... 

But you CAN make it happen. You just have to allow yourself to go out and get it.


Allow yourself to embody the successful woman inside of you and make the impact you truly want to make.


The woman with a powerful message to share with the world.

The woman with unique talents that can change lives, ready to be beautifully compensated for them.

The woman ready for a big & loyal audience that buys from her over and over again.

The woman who loves to sell because she knows she's transforming her clients.

The woman who believes in herself and will make her goals a reality no matter what.

The woman that just goes for it, no matter how scary or overwhelming it looks.


And you know what? I know you're ready to become her.


You're ready to stop letting yourself off the hook because you know you're capable of so 👏 much 👏 more 👏.

You're ready to get out of your head and into action so you can do whatever it takes.

You're ready to uplevel, get the support you need reach your success FAST.


This is THE program you've been looking for to get there.





  • 9x 1-hour calls (3 per month)
  • Goals and struggles are revised every session
  • Unlimited personalized support for 3 months
  • Access to complimentary workbooks & checklists




  • 9x 1-hour calls (3 per month)
  • Goals and struggles are revised every session
  • Unlimited personalized support for 3 months
  • Access to complimentary workbooks & checklists

What my clients are saying


"When we began working together I had a really great idea of where I wanted my business to be, but getting there is always a much more difficult process. I had a lot of ups and downs, a lot of weeks where I wasn't feeling like I wasn't getting anywhere, and Sophie really anchored me. Sophie guided me in a direction of making small achievements every day. I was able to launch and get 2 clients right off the bat. It was amazing. That is something that I would have never dreamed possible."



"Working with Sophie was a big change for me. She can shift you. I can't give enough thanks to her for all the help in my business. My business was nothing, and now I have a business. She always gives you more value, she's always one step further than you. In one moment I really wanted to quit and I was afraid to tell her because she would say no etc. It was fantastic. I didn't tell her but she really knows what happens with me and she helped me with that. In that moment I created something bigger, I made the shift. And she was really there. She was my big support in my business. Without her I really couldn't do it. She is an amazing coach. Thank you Sophie."




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