Quick note from Sophie

Hi, Sophie here. If you know me a little bit, you know I love studying. I have two business degrees, spent a year and a half perfecting my coaching skills and getting ICF-certified, did a bunch of courses on the side and got multiple certifications. As of this year I also enrolled in college to get my Bachelor's and Master's in Psychology. Plus I read about a book a week to stay on top of personal development content.

You can definitely say I'm obsessed with my craft. But it's not just about consuming. It's about sharing. Sharing what I learn, new insights that contribute to the entrepreneurship & coaching industry. My personal research that has led to many breakthroughs with my clients and students.

You can find an overview of my research on this page, plus a way for you to stay up to date with new insights or to study my entire framework in one of my programs. 


Research Purpose

Decoding success mindset and building a tested framework for intentionally developing one


Research Questions

What are the elements of a successful entrepreneurial mindset?
How can you intentionally develop your mindset to achieve success?
What is intentional entrepreneurship and how is it related to success?



Literature and personal experience suggest the importance of 3 pillars: focus, alignment and self-management. Practical research will verify and test these pillars in order to build a proven framework with more evidence from the online industry as it exists today.


Pillars to Investigate


What do entrepreneurs focus on on a day-to-day basis? What do successful entrepreneurs focus on every day that unsuccessful entrepreneurs lack? What are the different elements of a successful focus? How can you develop your focus intentionally? What is the most effective way to develop an intentional focus?


How do entrepreneurs describe alignment? What are the different definitions of alignment in the entrepreneurial world? What impact does alignment have on business success? What are obstacles entrepreneurs face that keep them from being in alignment? What is the most effective way to get into alignment and leverage it for success?


How do successful entrepreneurs manage their mind every single day? What factors in entrepreneurship make it important to self-manage? What are the tools and techniques successful entrepreneurs use and which results do each of them generate?  What's the one thing they do that makes the biggest difference to manage their thoughts and emotions daily?


Research Approach


Specific target group: female online service-based entrepreneurs

1. Qualitative Research

Interviews with successful entrepreneurs and coaching sessions with entrepreneurs in all stages (all entrepreneurs within the specific target group).

2. Quantitative Research

Online survey filled out by entrepreneurs within the specific target group.


Would you like to participate in the research? Let us know!


Result of Research

 1. Monthly Reports
2. Mindset Assessment (coming soon)
3. Course Material in the School (visit the membership section)
4. Book (tbd)

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